Helpful Tips for a Smooth Experience

Congratulations on taking this giant step to welcome a new cat into your home and heart! We are sharing some useful information that will assist you in your preparations, before you head to the shelter to pick up your new feline friend. 

Preparations at home: 
    • Select a comfortable room in your home that can be your new cat’s safe space as they get settled in. Separation from busy areas in the home, and also other pets if applicable, is beneficial in the early stages of transition. Prepare this room ahead of picking up your cat and a smoother arrival to their new home is made possible. 
    • Make sure you have the following on hand – food bowls, water bowls, litter tray, litter, scoop, soft cat bedding, scratcher post or cardboard scratcher, toys. *If your new adopted cat is joining existing feline(s)in the home, consider that an additional litter box is required as not all cats choose to share litter boxes. 
    • If you are purchasing new food for your new adopted cat, start with a smaller bag and only a few tins of wet food in case the brand/type of food isn’t a hit with your new pet.
Things to bring with you to the shelter: 
    • Bring a sturdy, hard-sided carrier along with you – check the latches, door and handle to ensure they are in working order as nothing is worse than a carrier that fails mid- transport! A soft blanket or towel inside is ideal, as well as a towel to drape over top of the carrier during transport as this soothes most cats. 
    • Adoption Fee, payable in cash or a cheque. We are not set up to accept credit or debit or e-transfers. A single cat adoption fee is $160. 
    • Our shelter is located at 10255 Jackson Road in Maple Ridge. We look forward to seeing you at your agreed upon pick up time – and are so excited for you and your pet to share a happy, loving home together!

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Saturday & Sundays 12:00 noon - 2:00pm
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