Taking chances and watching videos…

As a last-chance shelter, we take in many animals with special needs and special care requirements.  Cashmere is such a special girl.

Prone to seizures, and leaking urine while she has them, Cashmere was not the easiest cat to find a home for.  However, experience has shown us that there are many people out there with extra-large hearts who are willing to take a chance on a special needs animal and after 2 years in the shelter, Cashmere’s day finally came when a previous adopter was ready to add to her furry family.

When we received the attached, tears of joy flowed from many volunteers who cared for and love this sweet girl.   Thank you Kim for taking the time to put this lovely tribute together, but thank you mostly for loving Cashmere so very, very well…

Update from Cashmere’s new home

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