Oh what a difference a month… or two… makes!

Nicole was trapped by volunteers of a joint TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) project we are a part of.  She was about 3 months old and feral (kittens/cats born outside with no human socialization or contact).  Her brothers were socializing up nicely but Nicole was having none of it.  During her stay with the volunteer, it was determined that she was deaf.  Being bright white meant that she would easily be spotted by predators… being deaf meant she could not hear them coming.  This was not a chance volunteers were willing to take and Nicole was slated to join our safe feral area. 

Upon arrival, Nicole was still feaful and hissed at us and hid in her cubby when we reached in to pet her but we wanted to give her a little more time to be sure.  As serendipity would have it, Nicole started to calm under the gentle attention of volunteers and eventually demonstrated that she was no longer a candidate for our Safe Feral Area, but switched her status to “Candidate For Adoption”.  She still was a little shy but was gaining confidence every day. 

Cindy Hughes from Muddy Love Photography (www.MuddyLove.com) donated her time and talent to capture some amazing shots of some of our amazing animals… the one on the right below speaks volumes about both her talent and how far our beautiful Nicole has come. 

Best "Before & After"... Ever!


12 short days ago, a kind and gentle person attended our Open House looking for a new friend.  The person didn’t care that Nicole was still a little shy as she had experience with shy cats in the past and Nicole seemed to take to her as well… a match!  We’ve already received an update on Nicole, now known as Maja (pronounced Maya) and a video of her in her new home and it looks like she is doing great so far

60 odd days + patience + the right home = one happy girl!

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