Cancer sucks…

It does not discriminate and it has likely touched every person on the planet in some way, shape or form.  And Katie’s Place is certainly no exception. 

It has been an all-too-frequent visitor to our little shelter lately.  Over the past few weeks we have lost several of our furry friends to its various forms.  Wills had an intestinal tumor.  Bobbi had a stomach tumor.  Lana had a huge mass in her throat.  Annabelle had mesothelioma.  It’s tough to lose so many in such a short period of time… we miss them. 

Whiskey was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form with few options.  He is 16 and now palliative.   Soon Whiskey A-Go-Go will leave the shelter with a volunteer so he can spend whatever time he has left in a real home. 

As tough as it is to cope with loss after loss, it is easier to bear when we think of the alternatives.  Annabelle and Lana’s forms of cancers were slowly suffocating them; the thought of them being stray, alone and cold at the end is heart wrenching.  There are not a lot of options for 16 and 17 year old homeless cats like Wills and Whiskey, or cranky, litter-box challenged cats like Bobbi.  Wills and Bobbi spent their last days being spoiled.  Sweet  Whiskey can look forward to the same.  Sometimes the volunteers feel helpless.  While we always do everything we can, all too often the only thing we can do is give Bobbi Magee as many chicken mcnuggets as she wants, and to tell Wills what a very good boy he is as he slips away.

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