Cancer still sucks…

Today we had to say good-bye to Almond… a sweet, handsome cream puff of a boy with sad eyes and a gentle spirit.  Almond has been a long-time resident in our Boys Pen afflicted with FeLV.  He has been with us for many years; an original victim of an out-of-control situation where several small, private rescues banded together and took almost 200 animals.  Almond’s brothers and sisters have long-been adopted, but our shy boy was too-shy for many so he stayed with us. 

He was a favourite amongst humans and felines and would often be found snuggling with one of his room mates.  His FeLV status caused several issues, including stomatitis that plagued him to the point that we started to consider whether the painful days out-weighed the non.  However, after constant and diligent treatment by our vets, his stomatitis calmed down significantly and his “bad” days seemed far behind him. 

When we noticed he was having trouble with one of his eyes, we thought originally it was likely a side effect of a cat cold; common to cats in our Boys Pen area.  However, our vets soon discovered that it was not an eye infection at all but rather a cancerous growth was forming behind his eye.  There was nothing to be done for him but careful monitoring as this tumour would eventually become very painful and we could not allow that to happen.  It grew fast and today he passed with both the tears of a dedicated volunteer and those of one of our dedicated vets who had seen Almond through many of his medical challenges over the years, on his fur.

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