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Highlighted Alumni Pages


Mouzer already had already made one complete career change when he lost his second position. He had been a shop cat until he was laid off for scratching a pedigreed canine customer’s nose (Mouzer’s version: “He started it”), and he had gone to serve as housecat and was even a pretty good nanny for some toddlers in the family. Then the family had to move out of the country and Mouzer couldn’t go with them. He was getting up in years now. What were the odds of finding a new position? Luckily somebody gave him a chance and they wrote to say, “Mouzer is doing really well. We have changed his name to Sneakers because he looks like he is wearing four little white sneakers on his feet. Sneakers is actually a very different cat than he was at Katie’s Place. He is super playful. He likes to chase after his little toys and little balls. He likes to lunge at you when you walk around a corner (his Ninja Kitty move, as we call it) and he likes to grab you when you are petting him. He doesn’t mean any harm because he is purring the whole time he is doing this. Yes, I know this sounds hard to believe about Sneakers aka Mouzer but it is true. He is so funny. He turns over on his back and shows his belly when he wants a treat…of course he gets one. He is so spoiled. He sleeps at the foot of the bed at night and wakes up at around 6 am. He just hangs out until I wake up and give him his wet food. He is doing very well and he is loved very much.”
It seems that, having already worked in Sales and Childcare, Mouzer is happy to enjoy his second kittenhood in retirement!

Mouzer appears to be enjoying life in his new home!


Here’s a nice update from proud new cat-parents three days after taking their new fur-baby home:

This is a message from Rochette’s new parents. We actually renamed her Sunday evening, her new name is Polly for fairly obvious reasons. [Rochette is polydactyl — extra toes.] She traveled really well in the car on the way home and once we got her into the house she was so cute, she darted around looking for every nook and cranny. She found the tiny space behind our hot water heater pretty much straight away and hid there for several hours. We left her alone for a little while so she could get used to the noise patterns etc at our house. We were able to lure her out with food and we closed off that room. She still tried to hide in whatever nook she could find, but she was getting more adventurous. Sunday evening, she started to come up beside us on the couch and really took petting well. On Monday we went out to get her some treats and when we got home we heard a strange noise. We went into the bathroom to investigate and found that Polly had jumped six feet up onto our linen shelf and had hidden herself amongst the towels. It was very cute. She seems to be taking to us and the house very well. She still hides underneath beds and under tables but she comes out straight away when we call her. This morning we woke up to her being curled at the foot of the bed and once she saw we were awake it was time for us to play with her. Since we’ve had her we haven’t seen her swipe, bite or make any threatening gestures. She is a very calm and comfortable cat.”

Behind those eyes may be some frightening memories.

The person who brought Rochette to the shelter said she was found in a dumpster beside her dead siblings. The kitten spent some time with her rescuer but they were unable to provide for her permanently. So when she was a young adult, she came to us. She was timid but obviously craved affection. She was adopted very soon after arriving, and her happy ending is above!


Mango and her daughter, Pepita, were trapped homeless and came to Katie’s Place in early March 2008. They were both terribly timid at first. Then Mango decided she wanted to make friends with us. But Pepita remained timid for a long time. Nobody looked at the smokey black pair of cats, one of whom did not want anyone coming too close, and the pair came to accept Katie’s Place as ‘home’. Finally, with some extra socialization from the volunteers, Pepita became as friendly as her mom. Two years after they arrived at the shelter, somebody fell in love with the affectionate pair and they were adopted.

A week or so after they went home, we had an update: “Pepita is settling in great. She loves to open cupboards. Sometimes she goes in them, but usually she just opens the doors over and over. She also ate most of our houseplant, so I bought her some oat grass and she likes that. She is such a goof and extremely loving. Attached is a photo of the girls with Pepita’s cardboard box behind them. Mango doesn’t seem to care for it. We were a little worried about Mango the first week, she hardly came out from under the chair at all. We think she must have really enjoyed her life at Katie’s Place and she just really misses it. She’s gradually coming out more and more, she greets me when I come into the livingroom and stays around for pets. They have one of those cardboard kitty scratchers and she sits on that and watches us go about our day. She sits in my lap in the evenings while Pepita sits next to me. She is such a sweet, lovey girl! They are also organized kitties! They have four mousies which they pile together on the rug in front of the patio door. I gave them a couple of tinfoil balls, and we found them placed side by side next to the wall. They are an excellent match for us and we are so happy we have a bigger family now.”

This update was surprising since Mango had always been the more outgoing one while Pepita had always been much more shy. As for they way they organize their toys, what can we say — we teach our cats to be neat and tidy!


Tosca had a run of bad luck. She first came to us from another shelter where she’d remained unadopted. She was a wonderful little cat and she found a new home. Then she lost that happy home when they adopted two kittens too and Tosca couldn’t handle that. We put in her write-up on the web that “Tosca is a deeply affectionate little cat who yearns for someone to love who will love her back. If anyone is looking for just one cat, Tosca can offer them all the love they could ever want. She was actually fine among the other cats at the shelter, it was the arrival of the kittens when she had been the only cat that seemed to shake her.”

Then she began to lose patience quickly at the shelter and she scared a few of the other cats and, a couple of times, a volunteer too. We added to her write up: “Tosca has been a shelter cat for too much of her life. Her sunny nature is taxed by the inescapable company of many other cats competing for human attention. Tosca may not always show her best side at the shelter. She needs us to understand that once she’s in a proper home with a family of her own, she will settle down and be a sweet-tempered, easy-going little companion who will always bring a smile to your face.”

Finally she was adopted again. At the end of March, we received the following update from her new home:
“On February 6, we came to you for help to find us a cat that would be a good fit for our home. We brought home Tosca. She is such a joy, after the first 20 minutes of checking out her new home, she was on the couch looking for cuddles, as you can see from the picture enclosed; we indulge her. If we look at her, she purrs. What a joy, from the very first day. She sleeps on the end of the bed or in front of the fireplace. She has lots of energy. She likes to play and sit in the window and watch the birds, but mostly she just likes to sit on us or looks for tummy rubs.”

Just as we thought! Now that Tosca has a home of her own with cuddles, a spot on the bed, or the fireplace for snoozes, space to play, and a window from which to watch birds, she has proven to be “such a joy!”

All pets need to settle down and flourish is the same kind of natural comforts we’d want.


Stella is a mature cat who was found homeless. We tracked down her family and notified them, but they never came to get her. Now she has a new family and she’s proven to be a treasure to them:
“One week has gone by and we thought you would like to know how OUR BELLA Stella has become our Sweetie! On Saturday, she was a bit shy, but that was short lived. The first night she found her place in bed, right in the middle up top! Since I did not want to share my pillow she now has her own. She has taken over a spot on the couch in our living room giving her a huge vista outside. She and our other cat have now stopped spitting and howling at each other and eat side by side at dinner time although she does let him know who’s boss! Did we mention, we love her? There is no other cat like her, so affectionate, and well behaved. She loves putting her arms around my neck and kneading with such loud purrs. So, another success story and Stella’s meows of hello if she could only move from her place in the sun.”
Then a week later: “Hi everyone, all going well. Stella is the love of our life and it’s like she has always been here and has settled in with hardly a beat. She rules our male cat, and her favorite spot is in the middle of us in bed at night, up top no less, and on her own pillow, and in the living room peering out the window . Thank you again, I think it was karma!”

Stella’s photo from home shows her sleeping with the serenity of a pet who knows she’s loved!


Mateo was devastated to lose the home he’d had all eight years of his life. He only lost his home due to his people moving. He adjusted but he is a sensitive little eight-year-old and we feared he might not find a home any time soon. He was lucky though and found a great home with another Katie’s Place alumnus, “Neuman”.
We heard from his new family a couple of days after he went home:

“Mateo is doing well and even exploring outside of his room a little bit. Basically he’ll leave his room (hiding in the closet) to run into our bedroom and hide under the bed. It’s progress though! He’s using his litter box, but he has an upset stomach which we’ll keep an eye on and I will take him to the vet next week. Neuman was very curious about him and only gave him one hiss and seemed a bit jealous, but after the first day totally got over it. Ever since then he’ll go into Mateo’s room and doesn’t seem too put out! Even our Belgian Murphy is fascinated by Mateo and wants to see him. He’s so docile. He loves to be scratched and is okay being held, kissed and generally not a mean bone in his little body. Even though he’s still hiding, I am confident that he will blossom here.”

Another update came a couple of days later:

“We have changed Mateo’s name to Finnigan (Finny for short). On the second day we would bring Finny into the living room and expose him to different areas of the house, particularly since he didn’t want to leave his room. We would then let him either stay with us or run back to his room if he chose. Sunday evening I brought him to the couch where two people were sitting, and he stayed and walked back and forth between them wanting more pats and enjoying the scratches all while purring away. This was huge progress! Yesterday I found him and Neuman in the den together! Finny is a lovely boy, so gentle and so kind. He’s got a big appetite and we’re even feeding him some baby food mixed in with his wet food since he has some digestive issues, so I thought the baby food may help? He’s going in for a check up tomorrow morning. Finny is getting along great with everyone and no conflicts at all with any of his furry sibilings. Everyone keeps going over to say hello and we know it will take some time for him to be at ease here and to know that he is safe. Thank you again for looking after him.”

It’s not surprising that he’s having some digestive issues. Cats hate change and when their lifes change completely (as in losing a home or moving to a new home), the stress will compromise their immune systems until they settle in and make them vulnerable to passing bugs they’d otherwise shrug off. Ailments usually clear up within a couple of weeks as they adapt and sometimes require no medical intervention. The only real threat to life is if they stop eating and won’t eat for several days. Finny has a very good appetite; he will be fine!

The photo at left is Mateo when he arrived at the shelter, crushed to have lost his home suddenly.

In the photo at right from their new home, Neuman is the cat on top and he was adopted a couple of month before

Mateo, who now calls himself Finnigan. Finny is the bottom cat.

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