More Feral Colony Photos

More Feral Colony Photos

The cabin has a new porch at the side.

But you might find a lot of them hanging out on the roof rather than the porch on a fine day. (You get the sun up there along with a good view.)

Nelly and Fifty went to the property in summer ’09. These photos were taken in late August. Sherlock has lived there for a few years now.

Nelly is slinking through the ferns, as wary of human intrusion as ever. Fifty is hangin’ in the cabin, and Sherlock was found hanging out in the undergrowth.
They look pretty content (except that Nelly looks like she’ll feel better once the human is gone.)

And this is Gabby below, sitting at one of the water bowls outside one of the little huts that dot the woods.

The ferals enjoyed a great summer at the property. While we were sweltering in the suburbs during the heat wave, they were cool in the woods. Now their coats began to fill in for the coming winter. But they’ll always have the cabin to keep them warm.

They’re not stupid — they’ll let us get quite close as long as they know the fencing is between them and us. But reach a finger out to touch one and he’ll trot away, done with you! See this in the videos below.

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