Our first Dinner / Dance Gala is on!

We are excited to announce our first Cat Ball Dinner / Dance gala!  Please join us for a great food and great fun shared with great people supporting truly amazing animals!  Please call 604-467-6259 or email katiesplacecatball@gmail.com for ticket info.  We hope to see you there!


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Oh what a difference a month… or two… makes!

Nicole was trapped by volunteers of a joint TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) project we are a part of.  She was about 3 months old and feral (kittens/cats born outside with no human socialization or contact).  Her brothers were socializing up nicely but Nicole was having none of it.  During her stay with the volunteer, it was determined that she was deaf.  Being bright white meant that she would easily be spotted by predators… being deaf meant she could not hear them coming.  This was not a chance volunteers were willing to take and Nicole was slated to join our safe feral area. 

Upon arrival, Nicole was still feaful and hissed at us and hid in her cubby when we reached in to pet her but we wanted to give her a little more time to be sure.  As serendipity would have it, Nicole started to calm under the gentle attention of volunteers and eventually demonstrated that she was no longer a candidate for our Safe Feral Area, but switched her status to “Candidate For Adoption”.  She still was a little shy but was gaining confidence every day. 

Cindy Hughes from Muddy Love Photography (www.MuddyLove.com) donated her time and talent to capture some amazing shots of some of our amazing animals… the one on the right below speaks volumes about both her talent and how far our beautiful Nicole has come. 

Best "Before & After"... Ever!


12 short days ago, a kind and gentle person attended our Open House looking for a new friend.  The person didn’t care that Nicole was still a little shy as she had experience with shy cats in the past and Nicole seemed to take to her as well… a match!  We’ve already received an update on Nicole, now known as Maja (pronounced Maya) and a video of her in her new home and it looks like she is doing great so far

60 odd days + patience + the right home = one happy girl!

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Taking chances and watching videos…

As a last-chance shelter, we take in many animals with special needs and special care requirements.  Cashmere is such a special girl.

Prone to seizures, and leaking urine while she has them, Cashmere was not the easiest cat to find a home for.  However, experience has shown us that there are many people out there with extra-large hearts who are willing to take a chance on a special needs animal and after 2 years in the shelter, Cashmere’s day finally came when a previous adopter was ready to add to her furry family.

When we received the attached, tears of joy flowed from many volunteers who cared for and love this sweet girl.   Thank you Kim for taking the time to put this lovely tribute together, but thank you mostly for loving Cashmere so very, very well…

Update from Cashmere’s new home

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Beautiful faces…

Each week brings us new faces to get to know and love, and each one is beautiful in their own way.   A friend of the shelter came to visit this week with camera in hand, and captured some amazing shots of some of our amazing animals.  We are so happy to share some of them!

Doc Holiday's favourite passtime is following visitors around

Juice loves everyone!


Her voice is... ummm... "unique", but she is such a sweetie!

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And now for some good news…

Today saw Higgins, Booth and Schneider all adopted.  And the Canucks emerge victorious over the Avalanche in dramatic fashion via a shoot out.  Coincidence or…? 🙂

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Cancer still sucks…

Today we had to say good-bye to Almond… a sweet, handsome cream puff of a boy with sad eyes and a gentle spirit.  Almond has been a long-time resident in our Boys Pen afflicted with FeLV.  He has been with us for many years; an original victim of an out-of-control situation where several small, private rescues banded together and took almost 200 animals.  Almond’s brothers and sisters have long-been adopted, but our shy boy was too-shy for many so he stayed with us. 

He was a favourite amongst humans and felines and would often be found snuggling with one of his room mates.  His FeLV status caused several issues, including stomatitis that plagued him to the point that we started to consider whether the painful days out-weighed the non.  However, after constant and diligent treatment by our vets, his stomatitis calmed down significantly and his “bad” days seemed far behind him. 

When we noticed he was having trouble with one of his eyes, we thought originally it was likely a side effect of a cat cold; common to cats in our Boys Pen area.  However, our vets soon discovered that it was not an eye infection at all but rather a cancerous growth was forming behind his eye.  There was nothing to be done for him but careful monitoring as this tumour would eventually become very painful and we could not allow that to happen.  It grew fast and today he passed with both the tears of a dedicated volunteer and those of one of our dedicated vets who had seen Almond through many of his medical challenges over the years, on his fur.

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Cancer sucks…

It does not discriminate and it has likely touched every person on the planet in some way, shape or form.  And Katie’s Place is certainly no exception. 

It has been an all-too-frequent visitor to our little shelter lately.  Over the past few weeks we have lost several of our furry friends to its various forms.  Wills had an intestinal tumor.  Bobbi had a stomach tumor.  Lana had a huge mass in her throat.  Annabelle had mesothelioma.  It’s tough to lose so many in such a short period of time… we miss them. 

Whiskey was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form with few options.  He is 16 and now palliative.   Soon Whiskey A-Go-Go will leave the shelter with a volunteer so he can spend whatever time he has left in a real home. 

As tough as it is to cope with loss after loss, it is easier to bear when we think of the alternatives.  Annabelle and Lana’s forms of cancers were slowly suffocating them; the thought of them being stray, alone and cold at the end is heart wrenching.  There are not a lot of options for 16 and 17 year old homeless cats like Wills and Whiskey, or cranky, litter-box challenged cats like Bobbi.  Wills and Bobbi spent their last days being spoiled.  Sweet  Whiskey can look forward to the same.  Sometimes the volunteers feel helpless.  While we always do everything we can, all too often the only thing we can do is give Bobbi Magee as many chicken mcnuggets as she wants, and to tell Wills what a very good boy he is as he slips away.

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Cards and magnets and scarves, oh my!

Volunteers have once again been busy as bees throughout the year to stock our table at the Thomas Haney Secondary Holiday Craft Fair, to be held Saturday and Sunday November 26th and 27th from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  We will have greeting cards, magnet sets, original wall artwork, hand-made cat toys, dog leash hooks and the most amazing hand-knit scarves by our amazing and talented supporter Laurie.  These scarves sell out each and every year and there is always someone disappointed that they didn’t buy more when they had the chance so dont miss out!

All time and materials are donated by the craftsmen and their generosity means 100% of the proceeds go to help the homeless animals at our shelter so pop by and do some holiday shopping and help some fantastic critters at the same time!

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Lots of new faces to love!

This past week found us, as always, with new homeless animals needing a safe place to hang out until their new families find them. 

Odin, Flynn and Eros are three of the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet.   Miss Mouse came to us from another shelter that does not have the facilities to house FIV positive cats long term.  Her big, round eyes draw her into your heart immediately, and the fact that she is absolutely delightful doesn’t hurt either!   While having FIV is crummy, things are looking up for Miss Mouse as one of our volunteers who adopts some of our FIV cats has room, and has fallen in love.  Looking into those eyes, how could you not?

All the better to see you with...

 This weekend also brought new homes for two of our furry charges; Lisa and Amanda won over their new families and get to live in a real home with humans of their very own.  We are so happy for them!

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Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night…


– by Clement C. Cat

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the shelter The creatures were stirring, all helter skelter; Their profiles were hung by the doors with great care, In hopes that adopters soon would be there; Some kitties were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of forever homes danced in their heads; And tortoiseshell Paige, and Murray in gray, Had just finished sparring at the crunchies buffet, When out on the porch there arose such a clatter, They sprang to the door to see what was the matter. Read More »

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