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Benson lost his home when they had to move and he couldn’t come with them. He’d had the same home all nine years of his life; it was the only world he’d ever known. He’d always been a good boy. He lived with dogs and other cats (he preferred the dogs). He was well behaved and he was good with a couple of young children he knew. For a cat whose entire life had changed overnight, Benson was very good at the shelter. When a volunteer came to meet him, he came to the front of his new-cat cage right away, pleased to make a new friend. He luxuriated under some pets and strokes, and he was calm, quiet and affectionate. Benson is a loving, endearing cat. He would prefer not to live with other cats. He won’t go on the offensive with them but they make him uneasy and he’ll hiss at them. However, he does think dogs are great! And he loves people! At the moment, he has a sore left rear leg (torn cruciate). He may develop arthritis in that leg (as so many of us do when we get on in years!). Still, he gets where he wants to go with no problem, and he’s in good shape otherwise. He has a lot of years of loving to offer in a new home.
Benson was born around the beginning of 2002.

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