How To Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Katie’s Place always welcomes people who want to give their time for the animals. Volunteers are a close knit group bonded by their love for the animals. You will gain immensely from volunteering in two ways: first, you’ll make lifelong friends among the other volunteers, and second (but not least), you’ll meet some small souls who will enrich your life beyond measure and you’ll share the enormous satisfaction of saving their lives. Nothing compares to seeing a thin, cowering, traumatized animal become a healthy, affectionate animal who eventually goes to a good home.

At Katie’s Place we always need help with…

  • Cleaning and feeding
  • Shopping or picking up donated items
  • Simple sewing
  • Making crafts for fundraisers
  • Carpentry
  • Cuddling the cats
  • Fostering babies, elderly or special needs animals
  • Fundraising
  • Grounds maintenance

There’s a niche at Katie’s Place for almost any skill set, and we can accommodate any schedule.

Coral pauses to give Nancy a fuss

Keeping their living quarters clean and cozy and their food and water fresh is one of the most important responsibilities at Katie’s Place.  Every day each litter box must be scooped, blankets must be changed, water dishes must be cleaned and refilled, and hidey holes, beds and perches must be tidied.  Cleaning shifts are available mornings, afternoons or evenings, week days and weekends.  It’s hard work, but very rewarding.  You will quickly come to know and love the residents and will delight as they find real homes.

Amy snuggles ZigZag

Because we specialize in Last Chance animals, many arrive traumatized, frightened or shy.   Gentle assurance and calm attention from volunteer “Cat Whisperers” can make the transition to shelter life easier, and help animals regain confidence and a sense of trust.  This important and rewarding work also helps prepare animals for new homes of their own.

Cleaning and feeding, socializing and medicating, loving and fostering, fundraising and educating; there is always a task to be done, an event to attend, an animal to help.

A trio of Katie’s Place volunteers chat with visitors during Silver Valley Days.  The bond that’s formed among the volunteers can be lifelong, and at the bottom of it is the love we all share for the animals that we come to know like our very own.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering, please email us at

You’ll be able to arrange to drop by the shelter and meet the animals if you haven’t already. You’ll be interviewed about your previous experience and your experiences with animals. As the interview progresses, we’ll know better which area you’d be happiest working in — direct animal care (cleaning, feeding, cuddling, medicating), or in fund raising, publicity, special events. You’ll have an orientation to our procedures. They’ve evolved in response to our growth and our changing needs, but they’re pretty simple and basic.  You’ll never be just dropped into it on your own. You can partner with another volunteer until you feel confident coming to the shelter alone. It’s a busy place anyway with volunteers dropping in all day long on various errands. Any of them will be happy to answer questions. Your input will also be welcomed and innovative ideas are encouraged.

Please complete our volunteer application form and bring it with you, and we hope you enjoy your time with the animals as much as we do!

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