How To Help

How To Help

We go through a lot of supplies. There are several things we always need…

At the top of the list is:

  • dry cat food (good quality) i.e. – Nutro, EVO, Orijen, Go Natural, Royal Canin etc.
  • canned Friskies or Fancy Feast cat food – preferably pâté rather than chunky kinds in gravy
  • cat litter – pine pellets (available at Rona, Haney Builders, etc.)

We also need…

  • medical supplies such as syringes and Hibitane…
  • other canned cat/kitten foods of any type
  • cleaning supplies (sponges, scrubbers, mops, brooms, dish soap, hand soap…)
  • hidey holes and beds
  • paper towels
  • carriers for transporting animals
  • scratching posts
  • crafts to sell at fundraisers

…and, of course, we are always grateful for any monetary donations which help with vet bills, our largest expense. You can donate to us by simply clicking on the “Donate” button on the sidebar to your right.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact us.

  • General Donations

    We are grateful to all of our supporters.