Katie’s Place Photo Gallery

Katie’s Place Photo Gallery

These photos give you a look at who we are and how we grew.


This is the “Katie” in “Katie’s Place.” She called the barn ‘home’ long before we came along, and she lived there for the rest of her life, until Summer 2006.

This barn was “Katie’s Place”. You can see how it evolved since our start in January of 2001.

This is how it looked by the summer of 2004 with a new porch upstairs for the cats in the communal room we call Karen’s Pen (the volunteer who created that room was named Karen).

Having created a much needed office area that we were proud of, look at what we did with it almost as soon as we’d completed it….

Baarbaraa had nowhere to go and we do everything we can to take animals like that. We couldn’t put her in with the cats and the yard wasn’t enclosed properly. So we eyed our new office and promptly dismantled it for her. Baarbaraa has since been adopted into a good home for sheep where she’ll never be bred or sent to market.

The office still had a yearly tenant though. Barn swallows had been raising their families in the barn for years and still returned each spring to nest in the beams of the roof. When we put a door on the entrance we cut a notch in it so the parents could come and go with food for the babies even when the place is locked.

The babies and their nest are in the middle of the photo. The notch we cut in the top of the door is just visible at the bottom right of the photo.We attached a stick for a perch.

In November 2005, we began the quest for a new site and a new facility. The municipality arranged for us to occupy land behind the SPCA shelter for a nominal lease, and we bought a sturdy used office portable to remodel into a shelter.

It took three long years and a lot of fund raising. In the end, the new building turned out to be more beautiful than we could have hoped. You can see it at our Virtual Tour page.

In November 2008, we said good bye to the barn for the last time. We were thrilled to have a fine new building but we felt a real pang of nostalgia for the barn. Many beautiful lives began and ended there. We’ll always remember them with profound love and tenderness. We couldn’t help but whisper to the empty rooms for these little spirits to follow us to the new shelter. We believe they have, and they will always be angels among us, always our beloved fur-babies.

Katie’s Place has gone out into the community to raise awareness about homeless animals and to raise funds for our shelter. We’ve held hot dog sales, garage sales, pub nights, photos with Santa….

We held this mall adoptathon day at Haney Place Mall. We don’t take the animals to the malls anymore. They’re easier to meet at the shelter where they feel comfortable.

We’ve had many other dates in the malls when we’ve set up displays about Katie’s Place, sold crafts and raffle tickets and tried to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

In warmer months, we’ve set up outside of businesses like we did at Canadian Tire here.

Occasionally we’re able to do a really big fund raiser / awareness raiser, such as when Maple Ridge bands performed a concert benefit for Katie’s Place under the name “Purr Tones”.

Pet Photos with Santa held at Bosley’s is a yearly event that is
enormously popular and raises a lot of money for the animals.

Garage sales are excellent fundraisers for us and different volunteers try to hold garage sales at their homes each year.

That’s Janice of Hearts-On-Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary in the centre with one leg bent. Hearts On Noses joined Katie’s Place in a lot of fundraisers and the two shelters split the proceeds.

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